Love Shack's range of beers is forever expanding and evolving.

  • Style:Pale Ale

    Type:American Pale


    "Juicy, Citrus, Tropical, Sessionable"

    Our Pale Ale is built to quench and please. A well balanced american style pale ale with balanced bitterness and hop forward aroma, all thanks to an aggressive dry hop regime. Sensational.

  • Style:IPA

    Type:West Coast


    "Citrus, Stone Fruit and Tropical"

    An IPA created to please even the biggest ‘Hop Heads’. This quaffable 6.2% west coast IPA will scratch that crafty itch.

  • Style:Lager



    "Herbal, Spice, Cold, Lager"

    It’s a lager, we love it, ya gotta have one. Traditional Helles style, clean, crisp and very refreshing. Great for one and all.

  • Style:ESB

    Type:Extra Special Bitter


    "Malty, Sweet, Raisins, Caramel, Smooth"

    This Extra Special Bitter delivers with full a caramelly malty sweet body, balanced with English hops to give this beer earthy and raisin notes.

    This beer is one your Grandad will enjoy.

  • Style:Passionfruit & Pineapple Sour

    Type:Fruited Berliner Weisse


    "Sour, Pineapple, Passionfruit, Smashable"

    After we created a traditional Berliner weisse base, we then added REAL FRUIT to an already delicious and classic beer. The Berliner Weisse was once referred to as, ‘The Champagne of the North’. We believe we have done this phrase justice.

  • Type:English Brown Ale


    "Chocolate, Coffee, England, Raisins"

    Love Shack Brown Ale uses only the finest english malt, yeast and hops to make a Brown Ale that gives a sweet full body with notes of raisins, chocolate and a hint of coffee. Complimented by earthy and mildly spicy aroma.

  • Style:Middy Red

    Type:Mid Strength Red Ale


    "Malt, Tropical, Citrus, Middy"

    This Beer Might be mid strength, but it's hop forward aroma, malty backbone and lasting bitterness will have you calling us liars.

    Middy Red, full and honest flavoured 3.5% red IPA.

  • Style:Stout

    Type:Sweet Stout


    "Thick, Rich, Cold"

    Thick. Rich. Cold. What else did you expect? Get cosy and drink our sweet stout. It’s good in winter and it’s pretty good in summer too!

  • Style:American Lager



    "Refreshing, Cold, Lager"

    Pouring a crystal clear and light golden colour, with a white head. This American Lager drinks very clean with a pleasant bitterness, leaving you yearning for more.

  • Style:Sour

    Type:Guava & Mandarin


    "Tart, Tropical, Salacious, Euphoric"

    Your new summer favourite. Bright, fresh and sharp but easily palatable. Made with real fruit, the Guava and Mandarin combine together to deliver a refreshing and well balanced beverage. Give this one a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.